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In mid - 2008, during one of our regular visits in our health post, we met a woman with a son who is 8 years old waiting for a medical consultation.

Malick, is the name of the child, a dwarf (achondroplasia). When we asked her mother if she took him to school, she thought that we were laughed at her.

His family, threatened to be expulsed, because did not have the means and we proposed that she let us take him to Mbackombel (a village) so that he could study in our school and live with the village’s children. He always has good marks at school.

At a later date, when he finished (Malick) his primary studies, we decide to take him to our boarding school in Mbour. There, he also has good marks at the secondary school.

Lastly, he followed training in an academy as an electrician and panel solar technician after two years of study.

He was the best student of his class and now he is ready and want to financially help his family.

These little stories push us to continue the project we have started since 2002 in the educational et social domain.

We would like to thank her sponsor who has financed a professional training.


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