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YEAR 2022-2023

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The doors of the school are about to close, until the beginning of October. Our
students are preparing for exams, each level on a different date.

Kindergarteners are over. The primary ones also finished and in what was
refers to Mbackombel, those who are doing CM2 (last year of primary school) will have a week
more work as they take the national entrance exams for secondary school and

Obtain the CFEE (Certificate of Elementary Studies)

Our students from the Mbour Residence will finish later (end of June some, end of
July others), depending on whether they are secondary, high school or vocational training students)

These days we have a nice number of graduates who have come from
Barcelona, in order to help them prepare for the exam. We have also had the visit
From Marco Brucker and your son Gabriel and also Susana Castro, Marco Brucker who has helped them plan their schedules and the work to be done.

Soon we will announce the results of the exams!

For months now, our friend and volunteer, José María, has been constantly helping, in
the land, so that everything works correctly, mainly in the Residence.

Many are the volunteers who are passing through our residence. YOU SIGN UP?


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