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Wednesday, 23 November 2022 19:53

New technologies?


During the year that is about to end, our work has continued in the line that we "drew" in our beginnings (2002). Education and formation.


Over the years, we have been seeing the evolution of our town Mbackombel.


When we arrived, 94% of the residents were illiterate and could only understand you if you spoke Serer, their dialect.


Currently 75% know how to write, speak French and a few... a lot more things.


We wanted to get to this point. Currently we can be proud to have among our first students, nurses, midwives, university students (doctor, biologist, environmentalist, English philologist, management secretary and so on, many more).


But, thanks to a friend and volunteer, José Mª Catot, we have decided to go further... to introduce a group of selected students to the field of new technologies (ICT).


To reach this level, we have managed to get many highly qualified people to volunteer, coming to the "field" and organizing workshops on different specialties (programming, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, etc.).


We want to thank: those who have collaborated this year: Isabel Águeda Serrano, Ana Isabel Alegre López, Juan Manuel Pérez Villar, Tania Correas González, Clara Gregori Pla, Xavi Vergés, Jordi Bonet and Albert Balbi and welcome the who have already signed up for 2023 (Alicia Alonso, Toni Juanico, Charo Carrió Zubeldia, Jordi Sorribes i Burgués, Alicia Alonso, Alfonso Bosch, Alejandra Montesino, Clara Gifra, Aldo Rovira and Lucía Pursals).


We are making progress reach our students!




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