Ongoing projects


Projects that are in the phase execution and are being completed slowly according to the necessities and/or the obtained resources.


The Foundation has a series of “projects” that are, so to speak, ongoing all the time.

Accomplished projects throughout the seventeen years of our presence in the area. We have been thoroughly monitoring all of them in order to supervise their proper functioning and future perspective. 


  • Expansion of Sandiara's kindergartens (2020) (Under construction)

    At the request of the mayor of Sandiara, we are adding a new classroom in the nursery school, whose construction is nearing completion, so that it can be operational at the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year.
    With this expansion we decongest the two that we built four years ago since they currently house an average of 60 children per classroom.
    The nursery classes are essential in order that the students have a base of French when they start primary, since at home they only speak the predominant dialect of the region.
    The Roviralta Foundation collaborates in this project

  • Mbackombel School (kindergarten and primary school).
    Payment of salaries of 18 people (Principal, 10 teachers,  guardian and employees). School equipment. Meals for 380 children and 12 adults during the 9 months of the school year. Control and monitoring.
  • Kindergarten class at Soussane.
    Payment of one teacher salary. School supplies and meals for 45 children who attend class. Control and monitoring.
  • Kindergarten class Wirthdeboky.
    Payment of one teacher salary. School supplies and meals for 30 children attending the class. Control and monitoring.
  • Kindergarten class at Balabougou
    Payment of one teacher salary. School supplies and meals for 64 children who attend class. Control and monitoring.
  • Scholarsship for trainning.
    Thanks to the Maite Iglesias Baciana Foundation, we are helping several students to train professionally in nursing, restoration, hairdressing and others.
  • School of the Holy Spirit of Mbour (secondary).
    Schooling of 50  children who come from our school Mbackombel
  • Residence Internat-Mbour.
    Breakfast, lunch, meal and schooling of 50 children studying at secondary school. Maintenance of the center. Salary of the Director and staff.



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