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Our constant presence in the area allows us to see which are the necessary projects that we have to develop conforming to the philosophy of the Foundation, and mainly seeing the necessities of the region.

Once a need has been identified, we are only to... look for resources to finance the projects.

Construction of a "Multifunction" building.



We need to create projects that can be managed by our students and that produce benefits for the Mbackombel school and Mbour Residence support.

Several former students will have a job such as "Hostel" staff or teachers or online work.

This projects, which will be carried out in Mbour (under study), will consist of two floors:

    - Ground floor (200 m2) where willbe thee reception + a coworking room + two small classrooms + leisure room

       + private room.

    - 1st floor (200 m2) "Hostel" with 28 beds + living area + toilets.

In addition there will be 110 m2 of garden - seating area.

It is in he project phase.


Classroom construction where we detect that they are necessary

We locate public schools with overcrowding in classrooms, classrooms built with reeds, etc. and we act acording to our possibilities.



Develop the Mbackombel school


Our school is evolving over time but we need to improve its infrastructure, modernizing the facilities (electricity, inyternet, english class, computer science, etc.).

Increasing the number of sponsored children

As much as possible, we are looking for a way to find more sponsors, so that more children can receive an education.




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