The membership fees, sponsorships, organising of events and donations are dedicated to the maintenance of the projects: Salaries of the teachers, the staff of the medical and maternity centre, and their boarding school This income also serves to pay for the secondary education of more than a three hundred children. The canteens of the school as well as the boarding school canteen are also financed by these funds.


The collaborations make it possible to build infrastructures (classrooms, buildings, electricity, wells, etc.) and to start new projects.

The Foundation, in order to make best use of its resources has volunteers who collaborate. The accounting is managed by one external consultant office. It is only the Internet connection, a mobile phone and the electricity that constitute the headquarter costs, since it has rented premises.


To date, the Foundation For a Smile in Africa (Por una sonrisa en África) has exclusively been financed by private money.



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