Completed projects


The Foundation has completed a series of projects that have been being supervised, managed and financed.

Other projects are handed over after their completion to the corresponding entities for their management.



Infant classroom in Balabougou

The infants from this village cannot attend class in MBackombel due to the distance (3,5 km) between their village and the school. After 2 or 3 and by the age of 5 years old they will be able to walk to the primary school. With the suppoort of "Pescadores por Senegal". (We currently have 64 children in the infant classroom).


Infant class in “Wirthdeboki”

The small ones of this village could not go to the classes of the school in Mbackombel due to the distance of more than three kilometres. When they turn five, having spent two or three years in the infant class, they will be able to walk the three kilometres to go to elementary school.
By the end of 2012 we finished the construction of this classroom and currently we have 25 children learning to draw “little lines” and babble in French.
Currently we are dedicated to raising parents’ awareness of the importance of their children attending school. (2014)


Secondary school in Louly Bentegné

With the collaboration of the “Fundación Repsol”, the necessary classrooms have been built for a total of 660 secondary school children. 12 classrooms and an administration building
In April 2013, the Minister of Education of Senegal together with the Vice President and the Director of the CSR Department of of the "Repsol Foundation " and our President and Vice President inaugurated the opening of the centre.


Classrooms in the school Gouye Mouride

This public secondary school was entirely lacking of infrastructures, and they had various classrooms built from canes and hay by their teachers, so that they could teach classes for the children.
This centre is located in one of the marginal districts of Mbour, Senegal
By July 2014 we built and equipped six classrooms. (2014)

Classroom in the school Mbour Serere

As in the previous case, we built a classroom to substitute the one built from canes (2014)

Two infant classrooms in Sandiara

As requested of the mayor of the “Communauté Rurale” and in order to replace the one they had and that was in ruins.

School of Mbackombel (nursery and primary school)


From the beginning in 2002, we discussed the necessity to build a primary school in Mbackombel, since the children from the area did not have the opportunity to study.

Little by little, the classrooms got built and currently they are functioning to their full potential.
The school consists of two classrooms for infants, six for primary school children, an IT room/library, an office for the principal and the teachers, a shed/canteen, toilets and a closed courtyard
360 children from different nearby villages attend the classes regularly.
The Foundation finances the salaries of 16 persons as well as the school equipment.
Currently the school of Mbackombel is considered for its results as a point of reference according to the Inspectorate of Education of the province




Canteen in the school


Seeing the nutritional deficiency of the children, the decision to launch de canteen was made in 2004. The children eat in the school on every school day. Each child contributes with 30 euro cents a month, and with the raised money the salary of the mothers who cook is paid. The Foundation finances the canteen.




Infants in Soussane


Due to the distance between some of the villages and the school of Mbackombel, the smallest children could not attend the classes for infants. For this reason, a classroom in Soussane has been built with the collaboration of the association “Pescadores por Senegal”, where the children can attend nursery school until they are old enough to go to school.

The Foundation pays the salary of the nursery school teacher, the school equipment and the food for the children who attend the class.


A classroom in Nia Niar


In this village situated 7 kilometres from Mbackombel, one of the classrooms of the public primary school was built with branches. We achieved part of the resources from a Spanish company, and in order to finance the remaining 50% we resorted to the collaboration of the French association “Sourires d’enfants du Sénégal”.




Running water in Mbackombel

Having seen the projects that were being carried out and their constant monitoring, Mme. Martine Moy, president of the Association “Vivre en Brousse”, offered the financing of a project of water. After selecting the most suitable place, they drilled as deep as 106 metres to find drinking water with a capacity of extraction up to 24.000 litres/h.


A water tank of 50.000 litres and solar panels for the pumping as well as two fountains, water in the bathrooms of the school and installation of pipes that reach lands that are to be cultivated throughout the years were provided.




Decent homes


It is a project to improve the inhabitants’ living conditions in Mbackombel.

Initially, homes for two families have been built (17 persons in total).
The Foundation purchased the materials, designed the blueprint of the construction, and the beneficiaries provided the labour force.




Dispensary and Maternity centre in Louly Benteigné


Upon request of the inhabitants of the region and seeing the lack of health care, the Foundation decided in 2004 to build the dispensary (first aid centre) and two rooms for the volunteers. It was opened in August 2005. So far this year (Sept. 2014) there have been on average 290 medical consultations a month, including campaigns of vaccination, supplying anti-parasite drugs, as well as the two annual campaigns of supplying vitamin A to children under the age of 6. Later, in 2006, we were granted help from the “Fundación Ordesa”, which financed the construction of the Maternity centre. The opening of the centre took place in January 2008.

The Spanish association “Mujer y Madre” (Woman and Mother) helped us equip the maternity centre, and since 2006 has been providing it with sanitary materials and medicine.
Currently (September 2014) there are on average 100 medical consultations and 20 births a month.
The health care volunteers that offer their help are many.

The Foundation, apart from purchasing the medicine and monitoring the functioning, maintains these facilities in which 9 native persons work.




Expansion of the maternity centre

The “Fundación Ordesa” offered us help again in 2010, thus we could build a house for the Head Nurse and add three new rooms. With this implementation we have created one of the best first aid centres in the region (according to the head physician of the district)




Installation of electricity in Louly Benteigné


In 2010, electricity was provided to the dispensary-maternity centre of Louly Benteigné installing an overhead power line, the pylons and a transformer of 100 KW.

With this infrastructure, financed by the “Fundación Repsol”, not only are we addressing the needs of the dispensary, but we also provide access to electricity to the whole settlement.




Boarding school of Mbour


The students of the school of Mbackombel, in order to be able to continue their studies, need to move to the city of Mbour and thus have the opportunity to receive and finish secondary education. Some of the children have relatives in the city who give them accommodation, but others had to rent rooms in the outlying districts, where they lived in bad conditions. Contemplating this problem, the building of a student residence started in 2008, where more than 55 children can live and use a study room after school.

The Foundation finances schooling, breakfast, lunch and dinner for 55 children attending secondary school, the maintenance of the centre and the salaries of the principal and the staff.

The families contribute 10% of the budget.




Centre for the promotion of women


In 2005, at the request of the Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception, in an outlying district of Mbour we built a centre for women in which the Sisters can teach courses of literacy, cooking, sewing, etc.





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